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Sunknowledge Services Inc: A next gen DME billing destination

· DME Billing

Over 100 clients in the DME space, great references, excellent versatility and expertise to work with all prominent practice management/ revenue cycle management software in the marketplace, Sunknowledge Services Inc, is a one stop DME billing company.

We have been providing our stand alone/ end to end DME billing services to leading healthcare providers across the country. Also, we provide our extensive support with dedicated account management/customized reporting best practices, eliminating all the pain areas in your reimbursement process.

Complete DME Billing Action Plan

We have been clinical in reducing billing costs by 70% and increasing collections by 97%. Sunknowledge Services Inc believes in working as your desired operational extension and demystifies proven pain points with practice management and revenue cycle management with our disciplined intervention, streamlining your DME billing priorities in the best possible manner. On an a-la-carte basis, Sunknowledge Services Inc, provides complete support in

• Eligibility Verification & authorization

• Doctors office follow-up

• Scheduling and payment posting

• Accounts receivable services

• Charge Posting

• Denial Management

• Patient collections follow up

• Contact center services

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DME Billing

A 360 Degree DME Billing Company

At just $8 per hour, with seamless communication standards, account management and customized reporting, we will elevate your DME billing efforts with 100% HIPAA compliance. With the best pricing on offer, we will also ensure:

  • Instant reduction of operational costs
  • Over 90% collections even from the aging A/R’s
  • 100% PA submission guaranteed on the same day itself
  • $5 per auth and 100% accuracy for prior authorization service
  • No write offs or adjustment without client approval
  • Shrinking the A/R bucket by 30% in the first month
  • Free telemedicine support alongside 100% RCM assistance

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage! We are the best DME billing company in town and offer our transparent and accountable best practices that transpire to better collections. Reduce your billing costs, ensure a quicker recovery of accounts receivable with our streamlined DME billing support. We are your ultimate DME billing partner.

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