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Ensure Better Revenue With Proactive Medical Billing Support

· Medical Billing

Over 100 references from leading clients in the healthcare domain, working with clients across more than 28 specialties that encompass: DME’s, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Dermatology, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Specialty clinics and pharmacies, Physician practices, radiology centers, Cardiology, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy and many more, Sunknowledge Services Inc, is a complete medical billing organization. We are a 100% HIPAA-HITECH Company that eliminates your challenges with revenue cycle with our specialized intervention.

Medical Billing Services

A Flexible Medical Billing Action Plan

We are a one stop destination for improved cash flow; perform task specific jobs in eligibility checks and authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. Starting at just $8 per hour, with dedicated account management assistance, customized reporting standards, we will demystify all the pain areas in your revenue cycle. Our team combines with all prominent billing systems used in the country across specialties that include: Docutap, Brightree, Fastrack, CPR etc across all domains with no installation expenses.

Our seamless business transition capabilities, great communication best practices will provide you the much needed flexibility. We will be developing a detailed process manual to work in accordance to your specific needs. We will work as your desired operational arm; provide you all our services on an a la carte basis. Essentially, we provide our end to end /stand alone support in your practice management/ revenue cycle management priorities.

Partner With Us For Cutting Edge Medical Billing Services

Let us share with you, our functional best practices, and edge over others in offering you seamless business transition capabilities. Our team combines and has the ability to function just as an extension to your operational arm. Sunknowledge Services Inc develops a near perfect process manual during the transition period.

During this phase, we exchange ideas, share with you key industry trends, understand your processes and protocols. We then develop our process manual that is shared with you on how we will work for your practice management priorities. Let us provide you a demonstration on how we plan to complement your growth with a streamlined cash flow.

We promise to reduce your medical billing expenses by 70%, increase your collections by 97% with an instant reduction of the aging accounts receivable bucket by 30%. Starting at just $8 per hour, we provide you stand out medical billing services that elevate your revenue cycle, helping you focus better on your care management efforts.

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