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Curing The Headache With Prior Authorization Worries

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The perspective of the physicians with prior authorization is extremely apprehensive. Almost two business days, 15 hours approximately are getting wasted by the clinical staffs as well as the physicians in handling the workload with prior authorization.

  • Nearly, 86% of the healthcare providers are complaining that pains with prior authorization has increased by the last five years. It is also a well known fact that repetitive nature with prior authorization is also a huge detraction to patient care.
  • Almost 78% of the providers believe that challenges with prior authorization more often than not leads to treatment abandonment. Nearly 92% of the physicians are of the opinion that taxing prior authorization has a negative outcome clinically.

The wait times with prior authorization are also scary. While 305 wait for at least 3 days, nearly 64% of the medical practices wait for 1 business day. A painful prior authorization process creates mayhem and patients have to bear the brunt due to poor communication between providers and payers.

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The Perfect Plan With Prior Authorization

Versatile across all prominent practice management and revenue cycle management platforms, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers cutting edge prior authorization support. We are currently processing more than 50,000 PA’s on a monthly basis, making us your desired vendor for handling any amount of volume as your ultimate operational extension.

For facilitating a result driven prior authorization process, we believe in employing our quality resources that provide you stand alone prior authorization support at just $5 per auth with superior communication standards.

We believe in an extensive manual and automated process with prior authorization. We are an expert in seamless payer side communication, gathering of all the vital information from the patient as well as the provider, checking the status of eligibility, auth status following up, collating all the additional as well as relevant documents and updating the PA outcome in the billing system of the client.

Implement the right checks and balances in your prior authorization with our specialized intervention. We are a one stop destination for stand out support, customized reporting as per your specific needs. We eliminate your risks of reimbursements with our disciplined approach.

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